Training Day, IV

September 18, 2007

I so did not want to run today. My children sucked out every bit of energy I had – and by 6:00, all I wanted was Chick-fil-a and a beer.

BUT. I went anyway.

I mean, really – it’s GORGEOUS here. 80ish with a breeze. And you know what? It was actually a little bit easier today. Like an itty bitty bit better than on Sunday. I did, however, keep a hawk’s eye on my stopwatch during jogging segments, but what I noticed is that I wasn’t about to keel over before the halfway mark was up. Good news, right? Also I found that 20 minutes came MUCH more quickly than on Sunday. When I rounded the corner to my house, I felt like I could do a little more, but I held off. The article where I found this program says to truly take it slowly and follow the plan – if anything, spread it out longer. I’m hoping that on Thursday it will be even easier – especially because next week I have to kick it up to 90 seconds of jogging.

We’ll see about that.

I also attribute today’s easier workout to a) selecting fewer inclines and more flatlands (okay fine, ONE downhill) and b) a new playlist.

It seems I run better to more uplifting, inspiring type songs rather than intense songs with heavy beats. This Side by Nickel Creek, Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel, and Blue Sky by Patty Griffin were repeated.

I also like to throw in a couple of I want to have a lot of sex with you songs for good measure because hey – getting a better body out of this torture would NOT be a bad deal.

It’s all about the honesty.


Training Day, III

September 13, 2007

Out of love for you, fine readers, I would like to issue you the following public service announcement.

*Do not attempt to resume any type of training program after you have taken a three day break which involved one late evening of one, or two, or seven beers and concluded with a three hour drive home.*

I started a new training program today – I mean, I LOVE Krissie for pushing me and believing in me – and to be fair, she did say that I could do this at my own pace – so I am doing a program for the uber beginner.

For the first week, three times a week – five minute walk, then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for 20 minutes.

I am hear to tell you that it sounds a LOT easier than it actually is if you are truly a beginner at the running thing. I used my iPod’s stopwatch feature to time my intervals. I must have looked at that thing every 5 seconds during the 60 seconds of jogging part.

Also, the hills are out to get me. They timed it just right so that when my 60 seconds of jogging began, I was conveniently at the bottom of an incline. Bastards.

I am still on the hunt for the perfect workout playlist. If you know of any good songs that are set at a good jogging tempo, please send them my way. Also note the word jogging and remember that my 5’2″ stride does not equal that of the average adult.

So, the bad news is that what I thought would be an easy program actually kicked my ass.

The good news is that I did it anyway.

Training Day, II

September 13, 2007

Back from my second day of attempting to complete something resembling training.

So today it’s relatively cool for September in SC – 86 with a bunch of humidity. I cooked dinner for my family and ditched them to get the job done before the sun went down and the boys got in the bathtub.

I mean, I wouldn’t call it training. I would call it walking a lot and running a little bit. But if I’m going to remain positive (which I AM!) – I have to say that at LEAST I ran SOME. Because I gotta tell you, the running part was HARD. Also, I need to mention that running on the street is also HARD. Where the hell did all the hills come from in my neighborhood? I swear it was all flatlands yesterday. Geez.

I asked my high school friend and training partner, Beth, “Why is running SO MUCH harder than walking?” When I’m on the treadmill walking next to someone running I don’t FEEL like she’s kicking my ass, you know?

So, basically today I walked a little, ran a little, walked a lot, ran a little, walked a lot more, ran a little. And to be honest and revealing, when I say “ran a little”, what I mean is “ran for maybe 5 mailboxes when someone I knew was driving by or in the yard.”

Two more quick things to mention.

First, I wonder if I’m trying to run too fast. The music on my ipod is kind of cardio heavy. It’s hard to run at a slow pace to Vertigo and Just Push Play.

Second, I found myself really watching what I ate today. I’m not big junk food fan to begin with, but I do love me some Starbucks and Diet Coke. But today I really tried to pick things that would make my workout less sucky – lots of water – which I HATE (unless it has been used to create Starbucks or Diet Coke.)

Anyway, it’s possible that more good things could come out of this nutso goal of mine.

Training Day

September 11, 2007

My high school friend, Beth has agreed to join me in my pursuit of insanity. In classic Margie style, I’ve decided to take up hobby #376.

My Charlotte friend, Krissie believes in me so much that she has not only asked me to join her in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K in October, but has also written up a training schedule. So sweet.

I started the aforementioned training program today. Too bad I sucked it. I’m not giving up by any means, but it was a definite wake up call that I am ridiculously out of shape and also – running does not equal walking. I can walk hard for miles. Running, not so much.

I’ve decided to chronicle my training here. If for nothing else but to document my stupidity and also keep me writing about something. Enjoy my demise.

Today, I went to the gym due to the heat. I was on the treadmill for 25 minutes, one quarter of that was running. And if I wasn’t dizzy from not being used to keeping my balance on a treadmill while running, I was hard core sucking wind.

It’s weird too, because I walk a pretty fast pace and even though I’m breathing hard, I never feel winded or dizzy. I’m learning that running is a whole new ball game.

Tomorrow I’m going to try to run in the neighborhood and see if it’s any easier. I sure am going to miss that treadmill fan that’s RIGHT in my face, though. I love a good breeze while dying.

At least I bought the shoes. Now I need Beth’s fancy watch.

If you want to virtually train with me, Beth, and Krissie, let me know!

Back to bullets

September 6, 2007

I know it’s the lazy way out, but I just haven’t been able to write well lately.  I went back and dusted off the old LJ archives and what I noticed was that my writing was more cohesive after a stint at bullet journaling.

It might not be the most creative or reader-friendly way to go, but it’s what I can do for now.  And…it’s my blog, so there. 🙂

*We welcomed fall over the weekend – and sealed it with a Grande Two Pump Pumpkin Spice Nonfat Latte. (Even a busy mom has time for a high maintenance coffee every now and then.)

*BIG school is great!  We went to the first home football game last Friday – it was so much fun.  All the boys wore their jerseys and ran around the stadium like crazies, the girls wore their cheerleading outfits and tried to copy the real cheerleaders, and the rest of us ate really bad hot dogs and french fries that tasted a little bit like an old fish sandwich.  Yummo.

*Believe it or not, we are STILL trying to settle into the house – more painting and searching for an area rug this week.  I’m giving a baby shower on the 22nd, so at least the downstairs should be finished by then.  Pictures will be posted, no doubt.

*I am REALLY in need of a girls weekend.  Now, if I could just find some girls.  And a weekend.

*Why do I spend my one hour of free time with Passions on in the background?  Not sure, but I am slightly disturbed that I’m beginning to pause from my chores to follow the…plot?

*Kind of like when I find myself watching a cartoon after my children have left the room.  As if I don’t know what happens to the Coyote.  Duh.

*Oh look, it’s 2:40 – late for carpool.  This is why I love bullet points.  Efficient, yet informative.

Bullet points are more fun

September 6, 2007

*Sign #346 that you’re getting old – you plan on celebrating your husband’s big bank deal with champagne, but instead you fall asleep watching Top Chef.

*Is anyone else watching Top Chef? I’m so not into it as much as years before. I mean, I still watch it every week, it’s just not as exciting as usual. I think it’s because it’s in the Project Runway spot which I am REALLY missing.

*I found new fabric to cover my grandmother’s wingback chair – riveting news, I know – but very important to note as it as been causing me much stress.

*Speaking of furniture, I should probably take some photos of our living room now that it’s painted and decorated. The pillows for the sofa are being made over the weekend – maybe I’ll wait until those are finished so all two of you who read this can see. 😉

*I bought a fancy pillow at Bed, Bath, and Beyond the other day to see if it would cure this nagging shoulder/neck crap I’ve got going on. Fancy pillow sucks. Now I have to go see a fancy doctor.

*Continue to stay tuned for the new blog design. I love the girl who’s designing it for me – you can see some of her work here.

*Little one is getting his portrait made today by a local photographer. Wish us luck b/c normally it is a horrifying experience – child screaming, trying to make him smile, hot as hell studio b/c of all the lights. Stuff like that. The good news is that most of the time the photos turn out beautiful. In fact, we’re supposed to be there in 40 minutes, which means I have to go sit him in a steamy bathroom in a minute to get his hair to curl. Bless his heart, after this sitting, he can get a haircut and stop looking like a girl.

Lands End (of the line!)

August 31, 2007

I have truly made it a goal of mine to not come to my blog to complain and whine about petty life irritations, but really, I have to cheat for a second.

What’s the problem, LANDS END? You have completely let me down and pissed me off! I have purposely waited until the second week of school to purchase a lunch box. I did this because I wanted to see how often my child would actually be taking a lunch. See, at the BIG school, he can either take a lunch or go through the line. When I was a wee lass, going through the line was not as cool as bringing a lunch from home, for only the lunches from home could contain things such as Candy Wax Bottles and Oatmeal Creme Pies. But at this BIG school, it is WAY cooler to go through the line. Perhaps it is because he can choose whatever he wants for lunch (with help from the teachers, of course) and the independence is too much to resist. It’s either that or the Chocolate Milk on Fridays. Who knows?

What I do know is that I was so cheery this afternoon when I got the newest Lands End Kids catalog in my mailbox. I mean, perfect timing, right? Keep in mind that I REALLY want the Lands End lunch box because only THEY have the CleanSweep. And we all know that the CleanSweep is the Mercedes of lunch boxes, now don’t we? (-5 cool points)

Off I went to the online store to pick out a good color to coordinate with his backpack – and you know what – let’s even get crazy with the MONOGRAM, bitches!

Imagine my shock when I hit the “Continue to Shopping Cart” button and I get this evil message:

We’re sorry. The item you’ve selected, CleanSweep Solid ClassMate Lunch Box , color True Navy, is no longer available and cannot be added to your bag or backordered.

Uh, wha? Surely this is a mistake. Or maybe True Navy is just crazy popular? I was irritated, but hey – I’m a flexible gal. Let’s try this again. We can do Cobalt. And plus, that monogram is just TOO cute! (-3 more cool points)

We’re sorry. The item you’ve selected, CleanSweep Solid ClassMate Lunch Box , color Cobalt, is no longer available and cannot be added to your bag or backordered.

At this point, I’m livid. I mean, really. It’s more than annoying – it’s irresponsible as a company to send out a catalog showcasing its “new! packs and lunch boxes! p.110” when what it should say is “new! a few packs and a couple of lunch boxes that are in colors that suck – maybe. p. 110”

So, I calmly and nicely contacted the online chat customer service to voice my frustration. She, of course, said that she was sorry and would pass along my comments.

Whatever. I’d rather have a lunch box.

It’s been – what – three weeks since I’ve written? And I’m sure you’re all thinking, doesn’t she have anything noteworthy going on in her life? And to that I will respond:
I have too much noteworthy going on in my life.

The last few weeks have been jam-packed with the first days of school, new parent orientations, sick baby, birthday parties, back-to-school festivals, finishing unpacking, and trying with all my might to squeeze some type of routine back in our lives for the sake of our children. I’m even COOKING, OKAY. Like, REAL food and not grilled cheese for the love of all things!

So, it finally caught up with me Wednesday night when I cold PASSED OUT with Big Brother and didn’t wake up until midnight. You must know how insane this was for me when you hear that I missed our standing Wednesday date night which consists of the highly anticipated Top Chef and Oreo Blasts from Sonic. Passed out, I tell you.

In the last few weeks, I have thought of 107 things on which I wanted to write and share. I have photos that are precious and stories that are precious-er. I have deep thoughts and grand ideas and dreams that I’d like to put into writing. What I don’t have is time.

Perhaps in this routine-making mode I am in, I will find some way to create a space for me so I can keep up with this lifeline hobby of mine. In the meantime, hang in there with me.

I have 14 minutes to get to school.

I know you all JUMPED out of your beds this morning hoping that I had written a conclusion to the Great Pool Dilemma of 2007. Not one to disappoint (and successfully finding a way to avoid dishes,) I give you this.

The almost six year-old love of my life would not SHUT IT about going swimming, so I called some neighbors across the way to get the official Terms of Service regarding the pool. The way I wrote that sentence makes you think that I am good buds with the folks across the street, and while we like them very much and we are friendly, the sheer fact that I had to do a search for people living on that street shows you just how close we are.

She answered and laughed with me at how weird it was to just show up at someone’s pool, but also told me that there were other neighbors on the street that did it ALL the time. She even said she would go with me, but her boys were at her MIL’s house so she could clean. And I was jealous. (Note to self: Write a blog about how sad it is the day you are jealous of someone who is housecleaning in peace.)

At about 3:15 I slapped a little sunscreen stick on our faces and loaded up the backpack and red wagon with pool paraphernalia. Off we rolled to the Very Nice Pool.

It was like Christmas morning for Big Brother – no kidding. It’s not like we haven’t gone to other pools this summer, but for some reason this was making his year. I’m thinking it was the fact that I totally caved in on his whining for once and not so much about the pool.

When we reached the driveway, I’m telling you, it was WEIRD! It is just WEIRD to open someone’s back gate without permission. I am SUCH A RULE FOLLOWER! I am still the little private school nerdo who is freaked out at the possibility of getting 10 demerits and Saturday clean up detail. (Note to self: Write a blog on how you ended up a stay-at-home-mom who regularly participates in Saturday clean up detail.)

As we walked the beautifully landscaped path to the back, I kept looking around me as if the SWAT team was about to swoop down and raid the pool oasis with snipers and tear gas and automatic weapons. My heart was pounding. Big Brother was already in the pool. Way to break the ice.

BB isn’t quite ready to be in a pool without an adult present, mainly because he thinks he’s invincible and can lengthen his legs to 9 feet when he gets in deep water. So, I set my cell phone alarm for 30 minutes, looked around again, peeked back to the front yard, peeked into the garage, and hopped in.

Y’all, it really is a very nice pool. It’s not big, but it’s shaded with all these really big trees that magically don’t drop leaves and twigs. The trees are all well landscaped with really pretty grass and little stone pathways that lead to a little playset or a little outdoor fireplace with swing and benches or a hot tub under a little gazebo-type cover. I completely expected to see some little gnomes or fairies skipping along at any moment. And even though the thermostat was reading 112, it felt 85 and breezy.

Which is why it is just SAD that I couldn’t enjoy ONE SECOND of my time there due to CONSTANTLY looking around and checking the time. We ended up getting out about five minutes before the alarm even went off. Luckily, BB had jumped enough “Mommy, look at this one!” jumps to appease – and I didn’t even get one whine.

I have never been so glad to leave a pool. And while I truly do believe that the neighbors there are whole-heartedly gracious and sincere, I am just not capable of pooling at their house without an invitation from them or someone closer to them. I would really like to be a card carrying member of the Very Nice Pool Club, but I think we’re going to have to wait another summer.

Or at least until I know they’re on vacation. 😉

To pool, or not to pool

August 10, 2007

Good news! It’s a whole one degree cooler today than it was yesterday! Only 104! Break out the cardigans!

This heat is sucking the life out of me, people. 104 today. 105 yesterday. 100 and too much the four days before that. Who can I blame for this? I mean, I know it’s technically God controlling the weather, but I’m a good little Presbyterian and feel like I shouldn’t challenge the Father Almighty on the temperature thing – which leaves me with no choice but to point the finger at Storm Team Meteorologist, Brooks Garner. Or one of his Storm Teammates.

I’d like to go to the pool this afternoon. Not my pool, mind you. In this new, lovely, well-manicured, suburban neighborhood of mine we have very nice neighbors. And on the cul-de-sac across from us we have very nice neighbors with a pool. They are SUCH very nice neighbors, in fact, that they have issued an open invitation to all of the children in our little cul-de-sac area to utilize their very nice pool.

I am not that very nice.

In the last two months, people have stopped by to say hello, welcome us, bring us pies, peek through our front door to see how we’ve changed the house – basically, scoping us out in their very nice way to make sure we brush our teeth and speak English. (We do both.) Each person has made a point to tell us about the very nice neighbors with the pool and how they don’t mind AT ALL if we use it whenever we want. I mean, EVERYONE has told us the same thing.

But we didn’t go. Because how do you walk up with your two children all sunscreened out, pool toys dripping off you, towels over your shoulder, cold drinks in hand and say, “Hey there! We’re the Blackwelders! Nice to meet you! And can we use your bathroom if my son has to pee while he’s in your very nice pool?! His aim is pretty good!”

I don’t know. But yesterday was a different day. At 8:30 a.m. (!!), our doorbell rang (!!) and it was some very nice kids from across the street and their very nice babysitter inviting us to the pool (and bringing us an Oreo pie.) So now we have been assured that it is okay to go AND been double invited by an actual Cul-De-Sac Pool Member.

Oh, and it’s one hundred and eleventy degrees outside.

So we go. And it is paradise. Shady. Pretty. Clean. Very nice. Lots of neighbors are there, so we fit right in, the owners come introduce themselves and assure us that yes, we are welcome anytime.

Of course, here we are now – inside the house watching the Prehistoric Planet on Discovery Kids. Again. I am learning more and more about the Iguanadon and its eating habits each day – but what I REALLY want to do is go across the street to the Very Nice Pool Club. On our way back from Mecca Target, we took a drive-by to see if we could hear any squeals or splashes, but alas. Technically, we have been invited, but is it still weird to anyone else to just show up at someone else’s house unannounced so that you can jump in their property?

Hmm. Maybe I would feel better about it if I brought them a pie.