Meet the Glam Fam:

Sugar Daddy, Age 33, Banker to the rich and famous, Soccer MVP for life, SportsCenter and Brick Breaker Addict, Father of the Year

Sugar Mama, Age 34, Mother to monkeys, Broadway wannabe, Lover of high heels and all things red, One part Tennessee Redneck, One part Prep School Debutante, Doesn’t do arts and crafts.

Big Brother: Age 7, All boy all the time, Sports fiend, Future politician or attorney due to charming personality, relentless perseverance, and mad arguing skills.

Sugar Baby
: Age 3, Simultaneously mischievous and adorable, Enjoys climbing on furniture to reach forbidden treats, Future CIA operative due to Houdini-like escape tactics and covert snack finding missions.

Why don’t you use your children’s real names on your blog?

Internetland is full of creepy and weird people. If you want to know their names, you may certainly ask. I will send you an application, along with an essay question of my choosing. Once your application is accepted and I deem you grammatically knowledgeable enough to be my friend, we will begin the interview process with my panel of psychological, medical, and homeland security experts – to include Jack Bauer. Upon successful completion of the interview, I will send a CIA spy unit to set up surveillance outside your house for an undetermined amount of time. From there, I will judge whether or not you are nuts and will make my final decision. Good luck with that.

How long have you been blogging?

I started journaling with LiveJournal in 2004 with a small group of friends. With encouragement from friends and strangers, I decided to take my writing up a notch with public blogging in 2006. Since then, I’ve changed blog names, blog designs, domain names, etc., more times than I can count. I have also been sporadic at updating. I’ll probably never settle on something or be consistent, so pay attention. I like to shake it up.


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