Training Day, IV

September 18, 2007

I so did not want to run today. My children sucked out every bit of energy I had – and by 6:00, all I wanted was Chick-fil-a and a beer.

BUT. I went anyway.

I mean, really – it’s GORGEOUS here. 80ish with a breeze. And you know what? It was actually a little bit easier today. Like an itty bitty bit better than on Sunday. I did, however, keep a hawk’s eye on my stopwatch during jogging segments, but what I noticed is that I wasn’t about to keel over before the halfway mark was up. Good news, right? Also I found that 20 minutes came MUCH more quickly than on Sunday. When I rounded the corner to my house, I felt like I could do a little more, but I held off. The article where I found this program says to truly take it slowly and follow the plan – if anything, spread it out longer. I’m hoping that on Thursday it will be even easier – especially because next week I have to kick it up to 90 seconds of jogging.

We’ll see about that.

I also attribute today’s easier workout to a) selecting fewer inclines and more flatlands (okay fine, ONE downhill) and b) a new playlist.

It seems I run better to more uplifting, inspiring type songs rather than intense songs with heavy beats. This Side by Nickel Creek, Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel, and Blue Sky by Patty Griffin were repeated.

I also like to throw in a couple of I want to have a lot of sex with you songs for good measure because hey – getting a better body out of this torture would NOT be a bad deal.

It’s all about the honesty.


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