Training Day, II

September 13, 2007

Back from my second day of attempting to complete something resembling training.

So today it’s relatively cool for September in SC – 86 with a bunch of humidity. I cooked dinner for my family and ditched them to get the job done before the sun went down and the boys got in the bathtub.

I mean, I wouldn’t call it training. I would call it walking a lot and running a little bit. But if I’m going to remain positive (which I AM!) – I have to say that at LEAST I ran SOME. Because I gotta tell you, the running part was HARD. Also, I need to mention that running on the street is also HARD. Where the hell did all the hills come from in my neighborhood? I swear it was all flatlands yesterday. Geez.

I asked my high school friend and training partner, Beth, “Why is running SO MUCH harder than walking?” When I’m on the treadmill walking next to someone running I don’t FEEL like she’s kicking my ass, you know?

So, basically today I walked a little, ran a little, walked a lot, ran a little, walked a lot more, ran a little. And to be honest and revealing, when I say “ran a little”, what I mean is “ran for maybe 5 mailboxes when someone I knew was driving by or in the yard.”

Two more quick things to mention.

First, I wonder if I’m trying to run too fast. The music on my ipod is kind of cardio heavy. It’s hard to run at a slow pace to Vertigo and Just Push Play.

Second, I found myself really watching what I ate today. I’m not big junk food fan to begin with, but I do love me some Starbucks and Diet Coke. But today I really tried to pick things that would make my workout less sucky – lots of water – which I HATE (unless it has been used to create Starbucks or Diet Coke.)

Anyway, it’s possible that more good things could come out of this nutso goal of mine.


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