I work better under pressure

August 30, 2007

It’s been – what – three weeks since I’ve written? And I’m sure you’re all thinking, doesn’t she have anything noteworthy going on in her life? And to that I will respond:
I have too much noteworthy going on in my life.

The last few weeks have been jam-packed with the first days of school, new parent orientations, sick baby, birthday parties, back-to-school festivals, finishing unpacking, and trying with all my might to squeeze some type of routine back in our lives for the sake of our children. I’m even COOKING, OKAY. Like, REAL food and not grilled cheese for the love of all things!

So, it finally caught up with me Wednesday night when I cold PASSED OUT with Big Brother and didn’t wake up until midnight. You must know how insane this was for me when you hear that I missed our standing Wednesday date night which consists of the highly anticipated Top Chef and Oreo Blasts from Sonic. Passed out, I tell you.

In the last few weeks, I have thought of 107 things on which I wanted to write and share. I have photos that are precious and stories that are precious-er. I have deep thoughts and grand ideas and dreams that I’d like to put into writing. What I don’t have is time.

Perhaps in this routine-making mode I am in, I will find some way to create a space for me so I can keep up with this lifeline hobby of mine. In the meantime, hang in there with me.

I have 14 minutes to get to school.


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