Sugar Baby’s Birthday

July 25, 2007

It was Thomas the Train – the lead free version.

Cake – YUM!

See the curls!!

There are lots more shots of him opening presents and running around, but the cutest ones are of him and the cake.

Brian and I celebrated later with our typical tradition of champagne and leftover cake. After all, it was a pretty great day for us, too.


Today is my baby’s 2nd birthday. I think it’s appropriate to repost his birth story. Two years gone. It just happens so fast. You can read his birth story, here.

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10 things that make me happy:

1. Playing tickle toes and getting the above smile!

2. Decaf Hazelnut

3. Getting an unexpected compliment on my writing

4. Hearing James play around on the piano

5. Babies!! (not that I’m having one)

6. “Uv oo, Mama”

7. The color of the summer sky when a storm is rolling in

8. Diet coke w/lime

9. Seeing JJ learn how to swim

10. Watching JC fall asleep

Hello, New House!

July 2, 2007

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Home sweet home.  Well, Home sweet process.

I tell you what, it’s glamorous to think of moving into a new house.  The OCD in me gets all aflutter at the thought of a new beginning, a fresh start, a clean slate with no furniture to move before vacumming, bare walls, and gleaming baseboards.  That’s the fantasy. Well, take ten years of crap and try to move it in a weekend.  Ten years of unused wedding gifts, cheesy holiday decor, high school memorabilia for which you have no use, random linens, and (dusty) exercise equipment.

Multiply that by two children, 800 Happy Meal toys, and a few pieces of cruddy furniture that you just had to keep in case you needed to furnish that mountain home (???). Next, move all that junk into your nice, new garage and tell yourself that you’ll clean it out over a long weekend.  Then, remember that you are the parent of two monkeys who would love nothing more than to dive into your boxes of fragile keepsakes and dangerous power tools.

Add that to a summer of no school, no routine, no schedule and divide it by a bunch of sports camps, church programs, swim lessons, and family vacations. And there’s the reality.

Okay, but honestly – I love my new house.  Love, love, LOVE it.  And I know it’s a process.  At worst, it’s just another life lesson.  At best, it’s my family’s new home. And if I’m feeling down, I can always go look at those shiny baseboards. 🙂